The group offers mooring and pilotage services in the areas of the Río de La Plata Basin, the Paraná River

and in the rías and ports of Bahía Blanca.

Our companies are the only ones which provide services in the two most important areas of the country,

which have the highest trade movement of the industry.

This pilotage activity is performed by our overseas captains, who not only have professional experience in the conducting and maneuvering of the ships, but also possess a thorough knowledge of the specific areas of the rivers they navigate.


Quality Management


We comply with the ISO standards 9001: 2015 certified by Lloyd’s Register

Quality Management System Standard

The personnel possess a vast knowledge of customers’ requirements as well as of the rules and laws that are applicable.




Our Guard Service is active 24/7, all year around. Our Headquarters are located in the Home Office at Puerto Madero.

This office enables us to be permanently communicated as well as allows us to have a tracking of the ship from her departure (which takes place when the pilot boards the ship) until the end of the service (when he finally disembarks).


We also offer technical and nautical advice in topics related to regulations, such as lighting systems and

meteorological assistance in issues such as tides and possible obstruction of channels.



women pilots




Practicaje Integral S.A

Practicaje Independiente S.A.




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