Servicios Marítimos is a fantasy name, whose initial aim was to assemble companies devoted to offer services related

to the maritime, fluvial and port activity.

We are market leaders in Argentina basing our increasing growth on THE TRUST IN THE GROUP,

which extends towards the market through our professional commitment.


With more than thirty years of experience in the maritime activity, we have also expanded our interests and horizons incorporating also other undertakings such as tourism, gastronomy and real-estate.  A common denominator in these companies is that the controlling share lies on

 their two founding members of Argentinean capitals.


The beginning, now distant, took place with the creation of the company DONMAR S.A., which incorporated the ship LADY AMANDA -

designed by Germán Frers - to the National Merchant Marine. The ship sailed in an epic voyage from the port of Buenos Aires to the port of Punta Quilla, in the province of Santa Cruz, showcasing her seagoing skills. This port, characterized by having tide variations ranking among

the highest of the world - over nine meters every six hours - and with currents exceeding the seven knots in the center of the channel,

welcomed the LADY AMANDA twenty-five days after her departure with her pennant in tatters because of the soft breezes of the South.

That pennant with its wings spread out has now become the emblem of all the companies of the group.



The following step was the creation of VENTISUR S.A., assigned to operate in the transportation of Pilots in the port and estuary

of Bahía Blanca, to which purpose the boat CAMBALACHE was acquired.


MARÍTIMA DOBIMAR S.A. - which ended up assigned exclusively to real-estate businesses in time - was the next forward move for the Group. Further on, the ship ANTICELLO was incorporated to operate in the estuary of Puerto Deseado, in the province of Santa Cruz.

What came after that marked a landmark in our history, for it was the first time we embarked upon the construction of the working boat KEOKEN

(‘The rising of the Sun´ in Tehuelche language) in Argentinean Shipyards. This 1200 - HP boat went on to operate in Bahía Blanca,

province of Buenos Aires.


As a consequence of the deregulation of the Mooring and Pilotage state system, the need for providing the transportation of the Pilots in all the estuary of the Río de La Plata was presented. To meet that very need, we acquired the sister boats 1500- HP boats ALUEN (‘Moonlight’) and KEYUK (‘West Wind’) and the boat KENINEN (‘West Wind’) in the United States, which were incorporated to the company LANCHAS DEL ESTE S.A. It is worth mentioning that this company already owned the boat SIRYUS I of 1400 HP. Although the controlling share of LANCHAS DEL ESTE S.A. belongs to the Group, its stock is distributed among the most important pilotage companies in the estuary of the Río de La Plata.


Then, the boats ANTARES, COMETA, PAX and PILOT I were built, all of which active in the transportation of pilots and auxiliary services of the navigation from the Poonton Recalada to the port of Buenos Aires. These boats also transport - among others - commissions, workshops, and authorities, all of which must be on board before entering our jurisdiction.


Services of mooring and pilotage are also offered at the ports of Bahía Blanca by DONMAR S.A. and at the ports of the Paraná River, the port of

Buenos Aires and the Río de la Plata, by PRACTICAJE INDEPENDIENTE S.A. This latter company, which relies on more than forty experienced professionals, has reached a high level of efficiency. PRACTICAJE INDEPENDIENTE S.A. has also signed reciprocal facilitation agreements with

pilotage companies in Mar del Plata, Quequén, Bahía Blanca, Puerto Madryn and in many cities of the maritime littoral of Argentina,

which enables us to offer a more extensive service to all the ports of the country.


Having been the symbol of the maritime services for years, the emblem of the seagull was proudly placed on a tug seven years ago, hence marking the foundation of what was about to begin. The company ANTILLANA S.A., thus, was created offering services of port towage in the ports of Buenos Aires with four tugs of Argentinean flag: DUMAR, HURACAN, TORNADO and POLARGO I. ANTILLANA S.A. has become one of the most important

companies of towage service in the area.


Simultaneously, the company PUERTO MARIEL S.A. - which already owned the tugs EDIMIR, DUMAR, POLARGO 4 and POLARGO 6 – was formed.

A distinctive quality of these tugs is that they are equipped with remote fire extinguishing systems which throw a cloud of eight tons of dry chemical

powder, allowing the tugs to become excellent suitable units for the assistance of stranded or damaged ships.


In 1998 the Group VESSEL was created. This group offers a regular feedering service of transport of containers in ports of the Paraná River, La Plata,  Montevideo,  Paraguay, Buenos Aires and South of Brazil.  This service consists of an integrated system of a tug and a barge, which put together form one single unit. To properly serve the market, three barges were built in the country in the last year. These barges are VIRGINIA, DENISE and DIVINA G.

Our customers' demand triggered the construction of ships such as Anabisetia S, Agedelta, Atlántica V, Argentina C and Gabrielle.


In the year 2019, we will  be facing a new challenge: the regular transport to and from the ports of Jennifer and Aguirre, in Bolivia.


SERVICIOS MARITIMOS would like to confirm its commitment not only to the improvement in the quantity and the quality of its services,

but also to the incorporation of ships to the National Merchant Marine.


Among the priorities of the group we can mention the creation of new jobs in the country as well as preservation of the existent ones.


We are mostly based on the enterprising capacity of the two founding members of the group, whose growth has one single motto:


‘We trust our group, and such trust extends towards the market through our professional commitment’


In recent years, and answering the growing needs of the market, the group has expanded its activities to the offer of services such as:

off-shore services, salvage, lighterage, ship-to-ship transferences and top-off services.

In order to increase the efficiency in our activities, we complement the offer with the different services described on this web page.

These are a unique business unit  inside the Servicios Marítimos Group, and cover areas such as the estuary of the Río de La Plata,

fluvial littoral, the Hidrovía and part of the Argentinean maritime littoral.






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